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OzCHI Conference Booklet 2011

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OZCHI is the annual conference for the Australian Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group. After designing the 2010 booklet, I was asked to create the program booklet for the conference held in Canberra in November 2011.

A 68 page booklet, with colour cover, black and white internal pages containing conference information, daily overviews and paper session abstracts. The booklet needed to be easy to use – for example: finding abstracts for papers on certain days.

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this site

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And of course, I have to add this site into the “I made this” list. Being some what picky about the work I do, I tend to iterate over this site often. Check out the links below for a taste of what this page has previously looked like. Bearing in mind of course, that some of these didn’t undergo browser testings.

I’ve developed this site a number of ways – from straight hand-coded sites to experimenting with various content management systems Indexhibit, Drupal and even coding my own simpler version using the CakePHP framework. For ease and to maintain my sanity – I finally settled on a WordPress base with a custom theme designed by me. Fonts in the site are hosted by Google.

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ICDE 2013

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The organisers of the International Conference on Data Engineering 2013 approached me to develop an identity for the Brisbane based conference. As part of this package, I designed

  • a graphic device to be used on their promotional materials,
  • a website template that they could use to style the conference webpage,
  • and a style guide to assist them in the use of the graphic device, colours, typeface & styling for their promotional material.
  • promotional poster & pull-up banners for advertising the conference

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My new Camera :)

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Well, it’s not so new now.

Back in February I treated myself to an Olympus PEN EP3 compact digital SLR. Despite wanting a digital SLR for an age, I knew full well that if I bought one it would end up gathering dust because of the size of the damn things! A colleague of mine, who must have ESP, introduced me to the new mirrorless cameras – a camera with the capabilities of a full-size digital SLR but without the bulk. After intense research, lots of umming and ahhing, and an exceedingly patient camera salesperson later, I settled on the Olympus (great breakdown on the camera at DP Review). It was a tight race between that and the Sony NEX – on paper the Sony outshone the Olympus. But in the hand, the Olympus won out for me – yep, it came down the physical feel of the camera – it plain felt better in my hands.

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